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24th Jul 2020, 10:58 PM

Elisa Melis


Hi everyone,
I am taking a little break from the publication and internet in general.
I am having some real life problems that I need to deal with, fear not because Ghea will continue, I just need some time...
Hope you'll understand, see you soon, I hope!



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23rd Aug 2019, 9:50 AM

Elisa Melis

Contest Results

Hello everyone! heart Here are the results of the contest!
The vote led to a double draw, so I decided to let all the entries involved win!
Here you can find all the entries!
First Place of Natzufall & Giorgia Papagna


Natzufall entry
I immediately fell in love with this entry. This scene struck me hard and because of it, it deserves a little more attention. Alsya adores Anthia, one of the lands of the Rajas, the one in which Mihaki was born. She has only heard about it in Mihaki's stories and she dreams of going there someday. Since the Rajas live at night and their lands have very cold colors, in Alsya's imagination it is a place dominated by nocturnal tones and with a magical atmosphere (not very different from reality). The fact that the author of the drawing chose to represent Alsya in a similar setting and with her leaf diary made me feel like this was a representation of her "secret place", the place where she finds peace and feels protected and at home (also, the drawing can be connected to the Elmih lands mentioned by Demien in chapter two). Obviously the author could not have known many of these things, which you will find out in detail in the future chapters, but the fact that she somehow represented this touched me a lot and gave me the idea that she understood so much of the character already! 

Giorgia Papagna Entry
Giorgia's work arrived last and it was a wonderful surprise. Although she tends to disminish what she does, I find it to be a very expressive and powerful portrait of Alsya. She too, choosing to mix an abstract background reminiscent of the atmospheres of Ghea and Anhtia, has in my opinion grasped the soul of the character. Her profile has a courageous and determined air, but is at the same time mysterious and rich in nuances. Giorgia's technique is neat, detailed, clean... In short, I find this entry absolutely splendid!

Second Place of Serena Verde & Cristini Clementi


Serena Verde Entry
This Alsya was the first work of the contest, and by one of my favorite Italian artists for over ten years. In short, another blow to the heart! I love this scene, it makes me think of so many things that you will see in the future and in Alsya specifically. Now, I don't know if Serena has chosen to represent only the hands of the Spirit on purpose, but Alsya has a special relationship with the Spirits: the Purified are the calmest Spirits, the ones who are willing to show themselves, but all the others are much more problematic and sometimes hostile and with these Alsya has serious difficulties. In the scene represented by Serena, in fact, I havethe feeling that Alsya is dealing with a Purified Spirit, one with whom she feels at ease. It's in these moments that she feels she "does her job well" and therefore she is calm and happy about herself. At the same time, the scene can also refer to a Spirit that has a central role and a very strong bond with Alsya. You'll discover more about it later on : ). Serena's style is always unmistakable and so precise and nice. I was excited to see an Alsya "alive".

Clementi Cristina Entry
Ahh anyone who choose Naria has a special place in my heart! Welcome, Cristina XD! And especially because you don't know him well yet (soon!)! This portrait really shows one of the two main aspects of the character: the darker, depressed and hostile one. Unfortunately I can say little about it, except that Cristina represented very well some of his characteristics. Every detail of this work is wonderful, from his clothes, ornaments, face and scene, to the background! It's so realistic and so unbeliavable beautiful. The slightly dark and mysterious atmosphere goes well with much of what you will discover about this character.

Third Place of Michaela Brandonisio & Special Mention for Hynek Snajdr


Michaela Brandonisio entry
This scene struck me for many reasons: the peculiarity of the composition, the choice of black and white, the watercolor stain that makes up the mantle of the executioner and the great expressiveness of the faces. Michela has never commented on my pages and I had no idea that she appreciated Ghea, even though she left likes often : ). Seeing this drawing showed me all her thoughts and feelings about this specific part of the story, her way of seeing the executioner that surrounds Demien, and the expression of Demien distraught over what he is doing and Alsya defenseless in his arms. Every time I see this drawing I discover new small details that make me love it a little more. I really admire its expressive power and how Micheala was able to say so much in a single image.

Hynek Snajdr Entry
This scene is a perfect commentary of the character. Demien is a very introverted guy but he has a lot more inside than it seems. In the story, where we are so far, very little is known of him yet, but I loved the comment of the author of the drawing: she imagined that Demien might like gardening. He is not at ease with aggressive people (couffcouffMihakicouffcouff) for a lot of reasons that you will discover, he loves the quiet and constantly suppresses his imagination and his desires, because he has been so used to it, but he really wants to feel free. The garden with the red flowers in my opinion is a good representation of a mild that wants to express itself... and even if I had never thought of Demien in a similar context, I found it really appropriate and very expressive. I always appreciate when the reader connect on a personal level with the characters and by getting his own interpretation he is able to catch a lot of the characters even when in fact I haven't shown much yet.

So this was my commentary on the 5 winners.
I will contact soon the winners to discuss the prices and receive their adresses.
Many thanks to everyone for taking part in this contest, I loved all the entries and you will find them published in chapters 4 and 5. I will print and keep them carefully and you will find my personal comment in every entry within a few hours! The support and affection you sent me during these months was very important. I want to thank also to those who helped me sharing the contest and giving me likes; and a thnk you also to my friends-judges, who helped me vote and who sustained me in these months! xD
See you soon!


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19th Apr 2019, 4:08 PM

Elisa Melis

First contest!

Hello everyone, so I am both nervous and excited for this and I am honestly not sure anyone will be interested, still here I am! Welcome to the first "Ghea" contest!

- Draw an illustration, a comic page or panel, about Ghea. You can use whatever style or technique you want! The work must be about a character that's already appeared on Ghea, or more Ghea characters, or even a Ghea character and one of your OCs!
- The size must be an A4 or A5, 300 dpi resolution, in CMYK.Here you can find some link to some sketches of my characters, to use as reference. You can find Naria, too, even if he appread only as a statur, for now.
Alsya - Demien/Anzan - Mihaki - Remines - Leonas - Naria
And here you’ll find Chapter 1-4 in english

Send your work to or write me a private message.

Deadline: 30th July!

 There will be three winners
- 1° Place: the printed versions of chapters 1 and 2 of Ghea, printed sketchbook, 5 bookmarks of your choice between the ones I have already drawn and one that I'll draw especially for you. Also, your work will be featured full-page in the printed version of chapter 3!
- 2nd Place: the printed version of chapter 1 of Ghea, 3 bookmarks of your choice between the ones I have already drawn and your work will be featured full-page in the printed version of chapter 3!
- 3rd Place: the printed version of chapter 1 of Ghea, 1 bookmarks of your choice between the ones I have already drawn and your work will be featured full-page in the printed version of chapter 3!
I hope you will have fun participating ^^! If you can, help me spread the word! 


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